Intelligence Support Activity

A MilSim Gaming Group

ISA is a MilSim gaming group that has been around since 2005. We started off as =STUF=, Strategic and Tactical United Forces, an competitive America's Army group that competed in the Team Warfare League.

After leaving the competitive league, STUF transitioned to Cooperative MilSim gaming and with that came the change of the squad name to ISA. We are primarily focused on ArmA 3.

ISA currently plays ArmA 3, Ghost Recon (Various), Insurgency Firestorm, IL-2, IL-1946, and Squad. As well as picking up anything else of interest.

We also partner with the Fighting 99th Air Wing for DCS World and other flight sims.

At this time, we are no longer hosting a forums or any other platforms, we run fully off of discord. To join our squad or our discord, please fill out this form: